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Fire safety is related to everyone-Company carries out the fire safety knowledge lecture

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In order to enhance the whole staff's legal concept of fire fighting and fire safety awareness, the company conducted fire safety knowledge training for all employees in the meeting room at 15:00 PM on January 18, company leadership pay high attention to this training. The training is presided over by Zhang minister of comprehensive department, and specially invited Zhang haoliang instructor from the Xi 'an fire training center to give us the lecture.

On the training conference, Zhang instructor introduces the cause of vehicle fire, electrical fires, gas fire and the self-help knowledge of  initial stage of fire, a large number of the cruel fact make us recognize the importance to safely use electric, fuel gas and to improve fire safety awareness and master fire safety skills. The instructor also detailed the use of various types of firefighting equipment, as well as the different types of firefighting equipment used by families, companies and public places.

This training session is vivid and practical, easy to understand, case analysis is thorough, has a strong persuasive power and appeal. The popularity of fire fighting knowledge has taught people how to save fire and save themselves, and improve the fire awareness of all staff and the actual operation ability of fire fighting. Then we will spare no effort to carry out the safety knowledge training, further improve the staff's security awareness.


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