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Celebrate the successful listing of our company "NEEQ"

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Shaanxi Greatroad Industrial Co.,Ltd has successfully landed " NEEQ ".
      Securities abbreviation: Greatroad shares, stock code: 870658.
NEEQ is known as NASDAQ of Chinese, successfully listed on the NEEQ, is the result of all company staffs’ effort, it demonstrated the abundant strength of the Greatroad, and also marks a new stage in the development of the company.
Company complete the transformation of shareholding system in July 2016, and after completion, we have been in accordance with the requirements of the shareholding system, perfect the management system, and optimize the business process, improve the quality of service, always do the full preparation for listing. Through the development of all staffs work together, and greatly encouraged by all partners support, the company finally has a historic moment at the start of the New Year: We received the Letter of Approval for number (2016)9950 from national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system.
We believe that the successful listing of "NEEQ" is only an important milestone in the development of Greatroad and a new start. In the future, there will be more opportunities and challenges, under the leadership of chairman of the company, all staffs will pull together, continue to work hard, will do better quality of products and services, extensive cooperation and forge ahead, continue to fit market demands, and open up a better tomorrow of Greatroad! 

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