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XiNing south beltway

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The xining south  beltway is an important part of theThe national highway network.The starting point of the highway is connected with the airport interchange in lanxi expressway, and the end of the road is connected with HuangXi first level highway, which will form the high-speed loop of xining city.The project adopts the six-lane highway standard construction, and the design speed is 100 kilometers per hour.The total length of the bridge and tunnel accounts for 40% of the total mileage,  and the whole line has been opened to traffic.

From September 2015 to November 2015,our company use 20 feet Bitumen Tank Container filled with Korean S-OIL asphalt to xining south  beltway project site,Continue to supply 70 # and 90 # asphalt,Jointed transportation between sea and railway,The stock of Pinganyi yard  not less than 880 tons(40 containers) to ensure customer's construction requirements.The tank capacity of mixing station in the construction site is only 510 tons,our Tank Container can ensure adequate supply and supply at any time.We total supply 7300 tons in 75 days.

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