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The First DL-1 Road Maintenance Project of Shaanxi Provincial Communication Construction Group in 2016

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The first road maintenance project of Shaanxi provincial communication construction group in 2016 involves Xi’an belt highway under the communication group’s jurisdiction, airport expressway, Shenfu highway, Baomao highway from Jingbian to Shanmeng section, YanJing section, Xizhen section, tunnel section of Zhongnan Mountain at Qin ling, Anchuan section, Jingwang section and Wujing section of Qingdao-Yinchuan highway, Shaanxi section of Qingdao-Lanzhou highway, Xichang section, Lanshang section, Shangman section of Fujian-Yinchuan highway, Xishang section, Shangjie section of Shanghai-Shaanxi highway, Yulin-Suide highway, Yangchen highway of provincial highway S204 and Lantian-Shangluo section of national highway 312,a total of 19 highways.

The DL-1 maintenance project of Shaanxi Provincial Communication Construction Group in 2016:From May 31to September 17 in 2016, our company continues to supply 1870 tons asphalt, which contains 600 tons road asphalt of grade 90#A, 1270 tons modified asphalt.

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