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In view of the customer care of asphalt hidden trouble in security in the process of transportation, the company developed a full range of solutions, the company achieve global container sea-railway combined transportation model, using the same document of transport, by different means of transportation to carry on the organic link, achieve one-stop service of a shipper, a billing, a document, an insurance.
Company logistics transportation network coverage of Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China to provide 7 * 24 hours of GPS location and query service of state information of transportation of goods, can also provide historical track records. We can track the process of the asphalt transportation, and timely make warning to the deviation of transportation route and make a quick adjustment. We can also quickly make emergency remedial measures for the fault of transport vehicles and the safety of goods. According to the actual situation, our logistics system can reasonably allocate the logistics resources in the surrounding area and speed up the flow of goods to ensure the normal supply of goods. At the same time, the simple mobile phone client can also enable our customers to query the product location information in real time to monitor the loading, delivery and arrival time of the products, so as to facilitate the production arrangement of customers.(the diagram below shows the logistics system of bitumen tank container)